Life is always changing.

Disability can have a real impact on how those changes influence day to day life. We have services that help you transition through all the different stages of life.

  • Our youth program can assist families who have children who are transitioning through the stages of elementary, middle, and high school. This can mean help with addressing individualized education planning. We can also help with 504 plans.
  • Our employment network can support people who are looking to move into the workforce after completing school. this support also is also available to people who are looking to return to work after acquiring a disability.

Youth Transition

TRPIL provides support services to students who are getting ready to make the transition into adulthood starting at age 14 or earlier if the child is ready. Materials for students are provided that will assist in a successful transition to adulthood. Transition planning can play a major rule in the future of any child. Other agencies start the transition process at 16 or later but at TRPIL we know it is never too early to start the transition process.

It is important for our youth with disabilities to be supporting members of their communities and schools.

In addition to the Independent Living core services and other programs, TRPIL also offers youths things like:

  • Education support (for Individualized Education Plans/IEPs).
  • Disability support services.
  • Sensitivity and disability awareness training for fellow students.
  • Self-determination skills training (identifying preferences, making educated and informed choices, and valuing and advocating for oneself; all vital to becoming an empowered individual).
  • Assistance with transitioning after high school and/or college.

We also educate the student as well as the parents on how to advocate for educational rights.

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