Roy Tucker’s Story

I just wanted to thank TRIPIL for all of your help during my transition from the Greenery. You were a huge help to me and you helped to make it stress free.

I don’t know what people that don’t have access to this service do. Between looking for housing, buying furniture, and getting in-home services set up, a person could really lose control of the situation. People in the Center don’t really have options when it comes to running those types of errands.

I loved the fact that you were organized and were constantly following up with me, my sister, and social services. I myself try to be an organized person and you helped keep me on track. My personal finances are not the best, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. Assistance with furniture, utilities, rent and security made my transition a reality. You even provided transportation to do some shopping.

I am so thankful that Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living was available for me. I hope that funding continues and that the organization can continue to support those in need of assistance in their transition. If there is ever anyone that I know of that needs these services I will be sure to refer them to TRIPIL.

Things are going really well with me, my health is good, and the ease of transition definitely helped. I cannot say thank you enough, you were a pleasure to work with. Efficient, is a good word to describe you – and being a former manager in hospitality, that means a lot. Keep up the excellent work! And thank everyone involved at TRIPIL, they are doing a great thing.

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