A New Beginning for Rich DeLuca

A TRIPIL Consumer Success Story

If you asked Rich DeLuca how he feels to live in his own home after his transition from a nursing home, he might say, “its freedom”. Rich sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) when a drunk driver hit him on July 14, 2008. After his accident he was forced to live his life in a nursing facility where he thought he would be forced to live the rest of his life and forget about the life he once led. Prior to his accident he was a chef and managed a restaurant in Florida and never thought he would ever live in a nursing home.

Rich’s life was about to change when he met one of TRIPIL’s transition team members who helped him experience life beyond the nursing home. With the help of TRIPIL’s services after being confined to a nursing home for over three and a half years, Rich is now living independently on his own.

Rich says that just because he is a person with a disability does not mean he is disabled. He stated without the help of TRIPIL he felt helpless until he met his Independent Living Specialist. He has lived on his own since November 23, 2010; a date he remembers well. Living independently has proved to him that each day now is about improving his life on his terms. He says that he would have never given up and this is not the end of him, it’s a new beginning.

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