Nancy’s Road to Freedom

For Nancy Fekete, the long road from home and back again began with a staph infection. She landed in a nursing facility after complications led to a leg amputation. For three long years, Nancy yearned to return to her home and family.

TRIPIL Transition Coordinators’ initial efforts to help Nancy achieve her goal were hindered by the nursing facility’s insistence that Nancy’s tracheotomy and the resulting trach tube were an insurance liability. Another challenge in the transition process was finding a home that was suitable for Nancy, her husband, and her two teenaged sons. Eventually, Denise (one of TRIPIL’s Transition Coordinators) found a house located in the neighborhood where Nancy’s father and her adult daughter live.

Finally, on January 27, 2016, Nancy left the nursing facility. It’s hard to imagine the deep-felt joy that Nancy experienced as she witnessed the world “outside” for the first time in three years. Denise reports that, on the ride home, Nancy marveled at everything – “Look at those houses”; “There are some trees over there”; “Look at that sky”!

Now settled in their spacious new home with a deck, Nancy is thrilled to live with her family once again. She especially enjoys the freedom to cook her favorite foods in her large kitchen.

Although Nancy has nursing and attendant care to help her achieve full independence, sometimes she still worries about medical supports. But most days, Nancy delights in being mobile in her new motorized wheelchair and having her children gather around her at her home. When asked what advice she would give to someone else hoping to transition, Nancy quickly replied, “Contact TRIPIL Services!”

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