Erick Crunick in His Home

A TRIPIL Consumer Success Story
By Cindy Bailey, GreeneSpeak – Editor/Publisher
Published September 2011

Although Eric Crunick spent a large part of his adult life living on his own in Atlanta, Ga., he says he’s glad that he returned to his roots several years ago.

Those roots run deep in an 1870s Victorian house in the heart of Washington, where he grew up with two siblings and where he now lives with his mom, Helen. His dad, Mike, passed away in 2002.

In fact, his dad’s illness was one reason he returned. He now covets the memories of those last days with his father.

But, Eric, who was then in his 40s and who has muscular dystrophy, also knew he would be needing more services in order to remain independent. That’s where TRIPIL came in.

“When I was making my plans to return home, I got in touch with TRIPIL and they put my attendant care in place,” he said. “The paper work was extensive, but TRIPIL made it smooth. They helped me assess what programs I was eligible for.”

After his needs assessment was completed, Eric chose the Agency Model in which TRIPIL served as the employer of his Personal Care Attendants.

Recently, however, he switched to the Consumer Model, where he has become the employer because he finds it more flexible.

In Eric’s case, his attendants come and go throughout the day as needed, allowing him the level of independence he is comfortable with.

“Our staff at TRIPIL works directly with folks like Eric to determine the individual level of attendant care they need to stay independent in their own home,” said Stefan Manz, Executive Director of TRIPIL.

“Without my attendant care, I’d be in a nursing home,” Eric says matter-of-factly. But Eric has a lot of living to do. “I’m busy from the time I get up until the time I go to bed,” he says. He and his mom clearly have a unique rapport. They enjoy being together, but each has their own life.

The atmosphere in their home is as warm as the yellow clapboards on the historic house, where a 22-year-old cat named “Pumpkin” holds court. Three stories high and trimmed in white gingerbread, the house has been the pride and joy of the family. Inside, the lovingly decorated first floor has been a blessing, Helen said, because it has always been accessible for Eric. For full story click on the link. PDF

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