Dawn Grady’s Transition Home

Picture of Dawn Grady and Nicole Marshman in Dawn's new home.

It all started three years ago, when my mother – she was my caregiver – passed away from brain cancer. My life spiraled downhill from there. I had to move out of my apartment to live with my eldest daughter. It was a very bad situation. My doctors, caregivers, and case managers were worried about me, but their hands were tied until I had surgery on my bladder. After that, they put me in a nursing home.


TRIPIL was my agency when my mom was my caregiver, then they came to my rescue again. I was introduced to Nicole, and everything changed.

Nicole and TRIPIL helped me put in applications for housings and grants. When I found a place, they helped me sign my lease.

Nicole and TRIPIL then took me shopping for furniture and household goods – I got everything I needed to start over! Then, Nicole set up my whole apartment so when I moved in, everything was done for me.

I now can live a blessed life, stress-free with no worries. TRIPIL took care of me from start to finish. God bless them all there.

Thank you forever, my angels.

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