Nursing Home Transition

Consumer holding sign reading “I Am Free!”

“Our homes, not nursing homes” has been our campaign for advocacy as well as services. Trained staff frequently visit nursing homes seeking people who want to rejoin the community. Under consumer direction, we find the right combinations of assistive technology and services to realize freedom and independent living for people.

We are seeking people who went to a nursing home expecting a short stay and now find major barriers to returning to the community.

Don’t give up!

We have ideas and resources for getting you back into your home or even into someplace new. Maybe what you need is help at home with your meals and bathing. Perhaps assistive technology can be put to work for you to open doors or summon help. Often a ramp or redesigned bathroom are important. Have you ever considered a power wheelchair?

Nothing About You Without You

We work with you to create “a transition plan” that keeps you in control of your life. We help you explain to family and friends why you want to come home. We understand that you do not want be kept away from home merely because they are so worried about you living on your own.
Since many of us have experienced nursing home life, we want to share our experiences with you and hear your personal story.

Later, we will recruit you to help us help others. Volunteers make our center the best it can be.

Let’s figure it out together!

  • Housing
  • Personal Care
  • Transportation
  • Assistive Technology
  • Good Neighbors in the Community

You find a way to put it all together and make it work for you. We have the experience that can help do that.