Services for Schools & Colleges

Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training

TRPIL can provide training to your school’s staff and board members to be prepared to properly know how to work with people with disabilities.
Some of the topics covered are People-First Language and how it’s important to see the person before the disability. Disability awareness by a school staff will enrich a student with a disability’s education experience.

See our Independent Living Philosophy page for more details, as well as our Media & PR page for more resources on the respective use of language regarding people with disabilities.

Disability History Presentations

TRPIL can provide disability history presentations in various settings. Our staff have presented in Junior High and High School classrooms, and Universities about the history of people with disabilities.

Presentations can be geared for any audience. This includes teachers, students, students with disabilities, or the whole student body. The presentation will provide great information about people with disabilities’ struggle for equal rights, overcoming stereotypes, and a whole new perspective on disability.

For more information about how to schedule a presentation at your school or university, contact the Youth Specialist at 724-223-5115 ext 614, or email the Youth Department.