Samantha’s Story

Samantha’s family called the Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) at TRIPIL because they were interested in finding out about assistive technology that might help Samantha in her day-to-day life. They were so determined, they drove two hours each way from one of the ATRC’s outlying counties.

Samantha, who was diagnosed as unable to interact in any meaningful way, was responding to directions on how to manipulate an iPad within ten minutes. TRIPIL staff facilitated this breakthrough due to professional expertise with assistive technology and a commitment to consumer empowerment.

The family was so excited that they borrowed a device from the on-site library to keep building on this discovery at home. At the end of the loan, they requested information on how to procure a device of their own.

TRIPIL staff were happy to provide our professional expertise to their efforts, by making referrals to funding sources, local agencies, and programs that will enable Samantha to be involved and self-determining in her future life.

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