Matt T Video & Transcript

It was a spinal cord injury in August 2011 and it was from a diving accident in Ocean City, Maryland. From there I went to the University of Maryland Medical Center where they told me I’d have to find a good nursing facility.

They told my parents I wouldn’t be able to do much on my own and to find a good facility to where I could get the care I needed and to me and my family, that wasn’t really an option. And so my family was able to find housing for me and then they also helped me find TRIPIL. And from there they helped me in multiple ways.

It started out with attendant care services to where I interviewed with a few attendants and they were able to come into my home and help me with my day to day needs.

And from there, I was able to continue with therapy outside of the home and get the care I needed to get to therapy through TRIPIL, and build up enough strength to be able to become employed by TRIPIL.

So, once I became employed by TRIPIL, what I do there is I help people in my situation whether it be disability from birth or through an accident. I help them get the care they need to live independently in the home rather than in a facility. I help them with employment, with housing, attendant care services.

We have great staff here that helps me. If I don’t have the information, someone here will.

And also, there’s a great facility here that helped me, with a fully accessible gym for people who are in my position to where they don’t have to leave their chair to be able to get the exercise they need and the strength they need.

From there I was able to build up the strength to join the rugby team that I’m on, which is a great support network. They all have gone through the thing that I am going through and helped me through that.

And also I was able to build up the strength to be able to drive independently. I just bought my first vehicle and now I’m able to drive myself to and from work and anywhere I want to go independently.

And all of that was possible through the help I received through TRIPIL Services.

So in the past 3 years, the demand for services like the ones TRIPIL offers
have increased by 40%, so we’re really looking to expand our headquarters. We are in the process of moving into a new building here in Washington County and we really think the move will help us help the people in our area get the services that they need.

So for more information on how to receive services, you can go to our website at or you can call (724) 223-5115.

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