Kimmy’s Story

Kimmy checking out her new set of wheels
Kimmy checking out her new set of wheels!

Kimmy is a TRPIL Assistive Technology success story.

TRPIL’s Assistive Technology (AT) program acts as the AT Resource Center (ATRC) for seven counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. One component of the program is the Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP), which takes equipment donated by community members and makes it available to individuals in need at little or no cost.

Recently, TRPIL has taken a proactive approach to publicizing equipment availability by actively listing the REEP equipment on social media platforms, including disability-specific groups on Facebook. This is where Kimmy’s mother found our listing for a Permobil C300 powerchair.

Kimmy is a seven-year-old living with her family in Westmoreland County. Her situation is all too common: during a lapse in coverage, she needed equipment to replace her current device, which no longer met her needs.

Kimmy and her parents came to the office to see if the powerchair was a good match for her. Kimmy, her family, and TRPIL’s AT Professional discussed the adjustments needed to fit Kimmy. The powerchair batteries were replaced.

Then, TRPIL brought the chair to Kimmy’s home and transferred ownership to her family. While Kimmy was trying out her new wheels, her mother talked to TRPIL staff about the family’s needs. We provided her with the paperwork needed for Kimmy to get access to the state health insurance for children with disabilities. We also recommended a funding source to help make the ramp attached to the home more durable and long-lasting.

When asked what the new chair would mean to her. That is, “Kimmy said, I can go everywhere now!”

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