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Reviews and Advice from USA Tech Guide

  • Ablenet delivers curriculum and software solutions for special education. AbleNet provides material aligned to state standards and to content instruction developed with disability experts. Programs include: Equals mathematics program, Weekly Reader AbleNet Editions, and more.
  • Adaptivation will show a variety of applications for literacy, games, choice-making, self-help, community outings and more! We’ll show you creative ways to combine Adaptivation’s lite tech product features with low-cost, off-the-shelf purchases.
  • Advanced Bionics provides cochlear implant systems. AB is focused on enhancing the technology and reliability of its internal and external devices.
  • AMDi is a manufacturer of speech-generating devices. They design their own products based upon the most current research in augmentative communication and assistive technology. Their products are accessible via direct selection or switch access and are customizable “on the fly” or with our 9000 symbol communication software.
  • Apple, Inc designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, mobile communication and media devices, and portable digital music players, as well as sells related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications worldwide.
  • Attainment Company Inc. Attainment Company has been dedicated to helping people with cognitive and physical disabilities succeed in school, work, and life for over thirty years. From research-based curricula to our extensive line of highly acclaimed augmentative communication devices, our products have helped people meet the challenges of their daily lives with confidence.
  • Augmentative Communication Consultants, Inc. Augmentative Communication Consultants, Inc (ACCI) is an emerging leader in the distribution of Assistive Technology Products. ACCI offers a wide range of speech generating devices, software solutions and environmental controls to meet our cusumers’ special needs for creative solutions. ACCI accepts medical insurance requests where funding forms can be downloaded from our website ACCI has launched an online store and new products or specials are added weekly. If you need to schedule a demonstration or to borrow equipment, please give ACCI the opportunity to serve you by call 1-800-982-2248.
  • DynaVox Mayer -Johnson offers assistive technology supports, including dedicated speech generating devices and educational tools that were designed for individuals with speech, language, and learning disabilities. Products include communication devices, eye tracking systems, Broadmaker Software Family and PCS (Picture Communication Symbols.)
  • HumanWare HumanWare provides speech, braille and magnification solutions enabling people with visual impairments to attain their greatest potential. Products include BrailleNote and VoiceNote Apex – mobile information systems; Mountbatten electronic braille writer with audio feedback; NEW Brilliant refreshable braille displays; Victor Stream- palm-sized, digital audio book player/recorder; NEW stratus, accessible table top DAISY talking book player – play eBooks on CD, SD, or USB; IVEO – Interactive tactile-audio learning system; ClassMate- standalone synchronized text and audio study tool; Breeze talking GPS navigation aid; ViewPlus Braille and Tactile Graphics Embossers; the Graduate portable video magnifier; and SmartView 360 desktop electronic magnifier.
  • Perkins Products at Perkins School for the Blind manufactures both mechanical and electric braillers. They also offer products for individuals with visual impairment including Braille Displays, handheld magnifiers and a new Sudoku game in braille and large print.
  • Prentke Romich Company For more than forty-five years, PRC has led the industry by providing the highest level of communication technology and language development systems in the industry. Visit the PRC website to view our AAC Language Lab, a practical, easy-to-use resource for teaching language with AAC devices and Unity. View our new Essence speech-generating device designed especially for literate adults who want to continue to communicate despite their medical condition. See our devices, ECO2, ECOpoint, Vantage Lite, and SpringBoard Lite, and learn more about our therapy solutions. We believe that 100% Employee Ownership demonstrates our dedication to innovative, quality communication technology products and our customer-driven service standards.
  •, LLC Manufacturer of the LOGAN PROXTALKER AAC Device providing moveable picture communication. Encoded picture sound tags are used to form sentences and produce voice output. The LOGAN BrailleCoach Braille training device accelerates the attainment of Braille literacy by allowing convenient, independent self-teaching of Braille.
  • SAGE Technologies supplies electronic products for the blind and visually impaired, with over 60 models of electronic magnification and scanner/readers 9 manufacturers. They also provide on-site service and support throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Saltillo Corporation develops and manufactures augmentative communication (AAC) devices, with a specialization in portable communication devices for ambulatory children. Their devices include the ChatPC and the ALT-Chat.
  • Tobii ATI is a developer of hardware and software solutions for people with physical, cognitive and speech disabilities. Our products and services in the assistive technology field include eye tracking technology and speech generating devices.
  • Words , Inc. For over 25 years the Words team has been busy developing new products to “Unlock the Person”. It is our mission to help you expand the lives of people with unique communication needs by providing a broad range of augmentative communication devices and associated technology.