Software and AT-related Educational Materials


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  • Cognitive Rescaling Resources
  • Crick Software Founded by teachers in 1993, Crick Software products are now used on over half a million school computers. The company strongly believes in Universal Design for Learning and almost all products are switch accessible, enabling students with disabilities to benefit from the same educational software as their peers. The company’s flagship products, Clicker 5 (grades K-6) and WriteOnline (grades 4-12), are powerful writing and creativity tools that support and motivate students as they develop their writing skills. Powered by Clicker resources, Planet Wobble and Find Out & Write About, Clicker Tales, and New to English help educators to further encourage students’ literacy learning.
  • Don Johnston, Inc. Don Johnston empowers educators with supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help the widest range of students build core literacy skills. Don Johnston’s award-winning products build in physical accessibility, integrate validated research, capitalize on new discoveries in brain scienc, align to standards and are presented in multiple medias through engaging instructional models. Some of these solutions are produced by intel-GE Care Innovations which creates technology solutions like the Intel Reader, a mobile device that converts printed text to the spoken word enabling increased student achievement in special populations.
  • Ginger Software Ginger Software’s new revolutionary text correction tool uses context to automatically correct spelling mistakes, grammar errors and misused words. In a single click whole sentences are corrected without changing the author’s intent. Ginger tracks users’ mistakes, enabling educators to monitor students’ progress and personalize instruction in a positive writing environment. Individual learners receive targeted exercises to learn and practice writing based on their writing goals while building students’ confidence.
  • Kurzweil/ IntelliTools Cambium Learning Technologies is a leading developer of educational software for struggling and at-risk students. Our products are based on an understanding of the learning process and the latest pedagogical research. Among our core products are the Kurzwell 3000 which provides multisensory access to any text or curriculum and gives students the ability to access grade level materials. Another core product is Classroom Suite which provides systematic, explicit instruction for students who need practice in developing basic skills in reading, writing, and math. We also produce a valuable tool for accessing the cognitive development and academic needs of student which is called States. Stages is used to gather data and assess the developmental levels of special needs students.
  • Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. Your voice. Their mind. A clear connection. Established in 1990, Lightspeed is the trusted provider in classroom audio. Our innovative product line of classroom communication solutions offers teachers a clear connection with students – because children who hear every word learn more. As a company, that’s our highest reward.
  • Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc ( in collaboration with researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School and the Monarch Center for Autism, introduced Vizzle in 2009. VizZle, a web-based software tool, empowers educators, clinicians, and parents to engage individuals with autism and other communication disorders. VaizZle is being used in a myriad of educational settings and allows for tracking of IEP/therapy goals, creation of customized lessons, games, and visual supports, and use with whiteboards for interactive group activities. VizZle boasts a peer-shared library of 2,100 lessons and 14,000 audio, photo and video clips and symbol sets.
  • SmartEd Services/ TAP-it minimizes barriers and maximizes flexibility for individuals with special needs. The touch accessible platform for interactive technology revolutionizes accessibility and easily integrates with educational assistive software to foster transformative learning. The combination of a 42″ interactive LCD panel that differentiates intended from unintended or accidental touches with motorized height and angle adjustments provides a “game changing” educational experience for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities.
  • Texthelp Systems Inc. Texthelp Systems provides award-winning literacy software solutions. Read&Write GOLD’s customizable toolbar integrates with mainstream applications to support individuals with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities or English Language Learners. Fluency Tutor is an innovative online solution for developing and measuring oral reading fluency. Released in January 2011, Read&Write 10 GOLD!
  • Visual Sound Visual Sound serves a wide range of education customers across Pennsylvania with technology solutions for many types of classroom environments. In addition to our full lien of SMART Technologies products including the SMART Table for early childhood and Special Needs classrooms, we recently began offering the SataLight Interactive Learning Station and associated software.