TRPIL members and staff playing Stonehenge TRPIL is a Membership Organization. Dues are $2 per year, and those funds are used to support our mission and sustain the charitable efforts of the corporation.

Many times during the year, members get together just for fun. Other times, it is corporate business and a chance to be involved in community advocacy.

Our Membership regularly responds to issues in Washington, Greene, and Fayette counties to find out what we should be working on, like Emergency Preparedness, Transportation, Housing, Employment, Access, and Voting. See our Current Issues page for more details on these topics.

TRPIL members at a membership meetingMembers elect board members for selected seats on each board of directors of the four TRPIL affiliated corporations. Members meet at least twice per year and the Annual Meeting for all corporations is held in August. Members also vote on significant matters that the board of Transitional Paths to Independent Living bring to the full membership.

Email Membership.

See our Event Calendar for Membership events.

Fill out an online membership application.

This is a PDF form that can be filled-in and saved or printed, so that it can be either mailed by snail mail or email (click the “Membership” email link above and attaching the filled-in and saved form to your email). If you need a PDF viewer, you can download one free from HERE