Peer Support

Peer Support allows people with disabilities to encourage one another to set and achieve goals for ourselves. The philosophy is that people with disabilities understand one another’s struggles best when we relate to each other as peers.

Often times, people think that effective peer support can only be provided by someone who has the same disability as the person receiving support. This is simply not true. No matter what diagnosis causes our limitations, we experience very similar struggles. We also find different ways to adapt to our circumstances and those different ways of adapting can be very helpful.

Peer support may be provided on a one-on-one basis or in group settings that revolve around a common frustration or interests. Peer support does not replace other forms of counseling, it supplements them.having the perspective of another person or persons with disabilities can help you achieve goals you may once have thought were impossible.

Remember, that peer support is a partnership. is about doing things together not to one another or for one another.

If you are interested in the ways that peer support might help you lead a better life in our community, please contact us. If you think your experiences would help someone else, let us know that you would be willing to provide volunteer peer support to others. You can help us make our community a better place for everyone.