What We Plan to Do

Computer rendering of the new Y building

Our vision is for the facility to be fitting for its particular location and possessing of a unique character that lifts the spirit and acts as a state-of-the-art community center. The new facility will allow our clients and employees to feel comfortable and confident while seeking our services.

Building Renovations

The renovated building and the new addition will include three stories (with a custom elevator), which will incorporate the existing facade and performance area to preserve the historic features of the structure.

At the same time, we will integrate modern features for office use, ensure full accessibility for individuals with disabilities, and employ a “green design” with a glass enclosed common area and conservatory.

Improved Facilities

The new office will have increased resources to support our programs which will be available to members and the the neighborhood community:

  • An improved Assistive Technology Resource Center.
  • A larger fully accessible Computer Café with Internet access.
  • A more extensive wellness gym with adaptive equipment and greater space for exercise and sports.
  • A fully accessible public gathering space, with the historic stage area as a centerpiece, which will be able to be used for community events.
  • Accessible meeting and multi-purpose rooms, for member and group privacy.
  • A larger maintenance and motor pool garage, to better support the accessible vehicles TRPIL uses to support its mission, and provide for the additional repair/storage needs of the expanded ATLL.

Progress Report

Please see our current (March 2017) TRPIL Progress Report.