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TRPIL respects the power of the media: journalists, photographers, bloggers, and editors are in a unique position to shape the public image of people with disabilities.

We are dedicated to increasing the awareness of people-first language and assisting in avoiding negative (and positive!) stigmas when communicating stories about people with disabilities.

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Quick Suggestions for Respectful Reporting

It’s important for all of us to be aware that it’s better to convey a positive, objective view of an individual instead of a negative, insensitive image.

  • Put the person first, not his or her disability.
  • Emphasize abilities, not limitations.
  • Do not focus on a disability unless it is essential to a story.
  • Bypass condescending euphemisms.
  • Do not portray successful people with disabilities as heroic overachievers or long-suffering saints.
  • Avoid sensationalizing and negative labeling.
  • Do not equate disability with illness.
  • Respect the person.

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