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TRPIL can assist you in transitioning from a facility to live independently in the manner you want, in the community of your choice.

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Direct Care Worker (DCW) Resources

Direct Care Workers (DCW) provide personal assistance services to people with disabilities in their homes and out in the community. The work done by DCWs makes living independently possible for many people.

Providing one-on-one direct care is much different than the nursing facility experience. For example, DCWs interact more closely, over a longer period of time, with individual consumers rather than rushing to help many patients simultaneously in a unit or wing of a institution. Therefore, they develop a better rapport with their consumer(s), and thus give better care. Also, the caregiver hours consumers require are often flexible, which means the DCW's schedule may be accommodated. The fact that many DCWs provide direct care to family members or friends is an additional benefit.

TRPIL Community Services hires and trains DCWs, then matches them with consumers.

Always accepting applications for direct care workers!
Interested in employment opportunities? See HERE.

Direct Care Workers Registry

TRPIL has an user-friendly regional registry of DCWs. This registry is used to assist with job matching, sharing, and scheduling.

The registry also makes it easier for workers to combine multiple, part-time assignments so they can get credit for total hours worked for the purpose of qualifying for health insurance.

DCW Scheduling

See DCW Scheduling for more on what our DCW Schedulers can do for you.

Union Representation

In 2012, the DCWs of TRIPIL (now TRPIL) signed the third collective agreement with the United Homecare Workers of Pennsylvania The union represents workers employed under the Consumer-Delegated Model.

All DCWs employed by TRPIL should feel free to explore this union and its benefits.

Check out the Direct Care Worker Training Calendar for the days and times of our training sessions.

TRPIL continues to support the PA Consumer Workforce Council , and encourages people with disabilities to become informed on this issue.

Email the Attendant Training Department.

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