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TRPIL can assist you in transitioning from a facility to live independently in the manner you want, in the community of your choice.

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Person Centered Counseling

Staff member and a consumer reviewing a file folder.

Person Centered Counseling (PCC) provides support and enhances follow-up contact for people with multiple issues or barrier in living independently. This helps bridge the gap between intake and case management, to assist people in making more informed decisions about their independent living goals.

Trained counselors collaborate with individuals, family members, and/or significant others to develop plans for addressing long-term supportive services that align with the consumer's preferences, strengths, and values.

Person Centered Counselors:
  1. Conduct a person-centered interview to discover what is important to and important for the individual, to help them identify and weigh available options, and then make decisions.
  2. Assist in developing a person-centered plan detailing the individual's decisions, immediate next steps, and long term objectives.
  3. Assist the individual in connecting with public and privately funded services as needed.
  4. Follow-up over time to ensure individuals are meeting their objectives and accessing desired services.

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