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TRPIL can assist you in transitioning from a facility to live independently in the manner you want, in the community of your choice.

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A voter registration form on a desk, ready to be filled out by a waiting pen.

One More Step on Your Road to Independence

1. Are you registered to vote?
2. Would you like to register to vote?
3. Do you need help to register to vote?

(If you answered YES to questions #2 and #3, give us a call at 724.223.5115 and we can help.)

Voting is your Right and also your Responsibility.

Only you can register yourself to vote. We can only offer assistance and advice.

You must be registered at least thirty (30) days in advance of the exact date of the election. This applies to spring (“primary”) and fall (“general”) elections.

If your polling place is not accessible (this is another project!) or you simply cannot get there, you can vote by absentee ballot. You must have your application in before the Tuesday before election day and your ballot must be returned by the Friday before election day.

Since actual election dates vary from year to year, you can call your Voter Registration Office for more information:

If your polling place is inaccessible (steps, a ramp that’s too steep, inaccessible booths, etc.), we can help you right these wrongs.

Your vote can shape the future!

"Rev-up the vote"
Click HERE! to view important dates!

Additional Voting Resources

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