A concrete bar blocking a sidewalk.Transitional Paths to Independent Living takes questions of access seriously.

More than that, TRPIL is owned and operated by people with disabilities.

We take “lack of access” personally as an insult and as an injustice.

Accessibility means that the arrangement or design of places, products/devices, or services is as available to people with disabilities as it is to those people lacking disabilities. A truly accessible design ensures both “direct access” (i.e., unassisted) and “indirect access” (i.e., meaning compatible with a person’s assistive technology — for example, computer screen readers).

Any physical, attitudinal, or other barriers that one may have to face when attempting to live independently in the community is a question of access.

Have you experienced an accessibility situation in the past? TRPIL has trained staff to conduct ADA-compliance surveys. Let us know what obstacles and opportunities you noticed by calling us at 724.223.5115.