Current Issues

Group discussion and peer support can be key to anyones success!

As issues of interest arise (or continue to be of interest!) in Washington, Greene, and Fayette counties, TRPIL staff works diligently to inform, advocate for, and otherwise support our members’ and consumers’ independent living goals.

MATP Brokerage is Delayed!

Our efforts have made a difference! Click HERE for more information.

Text Tip

To find all of your state and federal representatives in one place, just text (520) 200-2223 with your zip code as the message. You will get a text back with all of their phone numbers in one convenient place.

The Washington County Development Transit Plan has been released!

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), in partnership with the Washington County Transportation Authority (Freedom Transit) and Washington County, has developed a draft plan for the future of public transit in the county.

To read more about this plan, visit FREEDOM TRANSIT’s website.

Changes Coming to MLTSS

January 1, 2018 Pennsylvania began rolling out Community Health Choices, a new managed-care system that encompasses physical health and long-term care. 14 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania including our service area are part of phase 1. Existing participants should have received a packet with instructions on how to enroll in one of the three chosen Managed Care Organizations. For existing participants, very little change is expected during the continuity of care. That lasted until June 30 of 2018. For more information about Community Health Choices and how it will affect you. You can visit the state website by clicking HERE or call us at 724-223-5115 and asked to speak to Brenda Dare or Kate Blaker.

See our Managed Long Term Services & Supports (MLTSS) page for more info

Small victory in Healthcare…Advocacy Leads to Change

This banner that says "Medicaid = Life + Liberty 4 Disabled, and also features the universal access symbol in bright colors was created by TRPIL staff for use at NCIL 2017

his banner that says “Medicaid = Life + Liberty 4 Disabled, and also features the universal access symbol in bright colors was created by TRPIL staff for use at NCIL 2017

Click here for more details!

Pennsylvania Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE)

The PA Treasury has launched a new Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Savings Program website that provides quick and easy access to essential information on the upcoming program to give individuals with qualified disabilities a tax-free way to save for future disability-related expenses, while maintaining government benefits. The site also has a short quiz to help determine eligibility, a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question section and allows users to sign up to receive updates on the program, including when accounts open for enrollment. For more information, click HERE.

Important Registration Information for VRS Users

Important registration information for users of video relay services (VRS) from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
If you use this service, please be sure to register before the end of the month (02/28/2018) to ensure continued access!

For more information, watch this VIDEO

Nurse Delegation

We won an advocacy victory recently, called Nurse Delegation that will mean direct care workers can be trained to do many tasks that formerly only able to be carried out by nurses. This could lead to grater flexibility in your daily schedule and control over your life.

Having problems of your own with issues like these?
Call TRPIL at 724-223-5115 for advocacy assistance.

Other Hot Topics

Disability Rights Legal Decisions

For an archive page of important recent legal decisions about disability rights, see our page HERE.