TRPIL Capital Campaign FAQs

What is the Purpose of TRPIL's Capital Campaign?

The TRPIL Capital Campaign is a community-based effort to raise funds for the renovation of the former YWCA Headquarters Building in Washington PA.

Why Should the Community Support TRPIL's New Office?

The “Y” has been an asset to our region for decades and many have fond memories of attending concerts, dances, plays, and other events.

TRPIL intends to share the building with area residents — the auditorium and stage area, gym, meeting rooms and exercise facilities will be available for community use.

We intend for the “Y” to once again assume a central role in our community.

How Can the Community Help?

We invite all community members to donate to the Capital Campaign.

You will help your friends, family, and neighbors help themselves, and get a great return on your tax-deductible investment in our community.

Why Do You Need a New Office in Washington?

As TRPIL has grown, we have found that our current office building does not suit our needs as well as it did in the past. It is challenging to put together organization-wide meetings and events due to space limitations. Furthermore, we are currently working in three different offices in Washington.

Once we move into the former YWCA, our space will increase dramatically: not only will we have a great deal more office space, but the auditorium will allow us to effortlessly hold company-wide meetings.

Our plan for the former YWCA involves making the building as immediately accessible as possible. We are installing a porte-cochere (or “carriage porch”) addition to the parking lot to ensure instant covered ingress to the building. From there, everyone will have instant access to our custom elevator, which is built to carry up to three wheelchairs at the same time, which will enable swift and accessible travel to all four levels of the building. One centralized, universally accessible area in the center of the City of Washington will enable better contact with our consumers and greater synergy between our services.

It will truly be the downtown community center that Washington has needed for a long time.

When Are You Moving Into the Y Building?

Many modifications and renovations are necessary before we can move in. Construction is starting in 2017 and is estimated to take at least 18 months: at this time, we are waiting on our bids to be re-bid, as the first round came back higher than expected.

We are currently planning to move into the former YWCA Building in the summer of 2018. Keep an eye on this section – we’ll keep you informed as to what’s going on!

Is TRPIL Re-Opening the YWCA Pool?


The liability issues for re-opening the pool for swimming again are too risky for TRPIL to do. However, we are not altering the room entirely: the pool room is integral to the building’s structure. We are planning on using the space provided: for instance, our internal electrical and plumbing systems will be housed in the pool room.

We know that many of you have fond memories of the pool. But here will be other spots in the renovated building to make new memories.