Swap Day Guidelines & Responsibilities


  • Bring only items in good condition that do NOT require repairs.
  • Deliver and stay with your own items throughout.
  • Take away items you collect and items not given away. No storage is available; you are responsible for removing any items not accepted for donation by the end of the event.
  • Appropriate items:
    • Transfer chairs and boards.
    • Ramps.
    • Walkers.
    • Manual wheelchairs (with sanitized cushions).
    • Adult briefs, blue pads.
    • Canes.
  • Inappropriate items:
    • Anything that is broken or requires repairs.
    • Prescription items such as diabetic supplies, catheters, medications or other pharmacy-dispensed items.
    • Things that are not related to assistive equipment needs.
  • Must complete a Release of Liability statement for items received through the EquipAbility Program.



  • Provide space for consumers to set out their giveaways.
  • Consider donating un-swapped items to City Mission.


Email Assistive Technology for more details, or
Call 724.223.5115, ext 171.