Let’s get on the road!

Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL) announces our first annual road rally scheduled for Fall 2012. Events will begin in Washington Pennsylvania. This year proceeds will benefit TRIPIL’s programs to help people who are disabled in Greene, Washington and Fayette County. TRIPIL’s members who are disabled receive services throughout those three counties.

This Rally is a tax deductible event for our Corporate, Business and Personal Supporters. The benefits for this event will help provide expansion of programs for our members who are disabled in the communities which TRIPIL serves. Proceeds will also help provide portion of the needed funds for our capital campaign at our new facility in the historic YMCA building in Washington PA.

Each road rally car will have a corporate sponsor and one person with a disability who will either drive or will be assigned to a car as a participant navigator. This part of the program is to enhance understanding of individuals with disabilities and to have fun exploring the course together.

The fun all starts with a strategic plotting go a course in advance. There is a set of 3 courses for all participants to take starting at the American Legion in Washington PA. These points are plotted pit stops. Each member will be given a program that describes the exacting driving directions and each stop to compete along the way.

Participants will experience the beautiful scenic highways and byways of the course.
This is not a race and it does not require a fancy car. This amazing course is designed for fun with your driver or passenger navigator who is disabled who will read the directions to keep the driver on course by the fun clues along the way.

The Scores are based on how close you come to the clues and this is a casual road rally to bring awareness to People in the community who has disabilities and the public.